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About the Practitioner

Rev. David Keene, MSHEd, LMT, CPT, RMT
  • Master of Science Health Education
  • PA Licensed Massage Therapist, PA License # msg001962
  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor
  • American Red Cross Instructor Trainer, First Aid CPR/AED and Basic Life Support for the Health 
    Care Provider
  • Health, Physical Education and Wellness instructor at Lycoming College
  • Center of Being, Master Teacher Integrated Energy Therapy
  • International Center for Reiki Training, Recognized Reiki Master Teacher: Usui, Tibetan, Holy Fire, Karuna, and Seichim/Sekhem
  • School of Esoteric Science, Shamballa MDH Master Teacher
  • Sanctuary of the Beloved, Ordained Minister


I have been facilitating healing through massage for over 30 years.  I received my initial training in 1988 while working with athletes in the US Marines. Most of my life I competed in sports like wrestling and martial arts. Having incurred numerous injuries, I needed to find a ways that were not surgically invasive or requiring medication by prescription drugs. I was drawn to holistic approaches like oriental medicine and massage therapy for pain management and healing. I have spent much of my life learning about our bodies and disease pathology and learning about holistic modalities to improve our health and wellness. I health and passing on that knowledge to others. I believe that many of us want to improve our health. Through my work I discovered that inflammation is one of the primary causes of disease and infections in the body. Additionally, inflammation increases the risks of organ damage and failure and often causes injuries to muscles, bones, and joints. Massage, spiritual healing, and energy work are some of the best tools we have in our arsenal to combat inflammation. Massage, spiritual healing, and energy work along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise can significantly improve our optimal health potential. 


"Physician heal thy self."  I believe that we have that ability within our self to heal our self. Sometimes we may need a little outside help or encouragement. Sometimes we need a medical doctor, a chiropractor, a minister, or a licensed therapist.  As a massage therapist, spiritual healer, and energy work practitioner; I can help you facilitate that process by helping to alleviate built up toxins, stress, and inflammation causing pain or muscle aches. Pain is our body’s way of giving us a message that we are out of balance. Pain can stem from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances causing stress within on our body.  Pain is a kind of alarm system to let us know that something is wrong and we need to make a change or a shift in how we are interacting within our environment.  We did not get out of balance over night in many cases and it may take some time to regain balance and reduce or eliminate our pain permanently.  The good news is that the body is also self-correcting. Given encouragement through the palpation and manipulation of soft tissue, a person can reduce pain or alleviate pain caused by stored toxins making it easier for the body to: decrease inflammation, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and promote healing and over all good health. 

I believe in a client centered approach to treatment.  Your health and wellness is your responsibility.  I help by facilitating one part of that overall process.  I will always ask you what you want to accomplish in each session and discuss the methods that can help us achieve those goals. I will let you decide which treatment options are best for you and obtain your approval before beginning.  It is my goal with each treatment to help you release pain or alleviate pain caused by stored toxins, decrease inflammation, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and promote your own healing and increase or restore your energy levels.



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